High heel celebrity of the week – Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner had a very impactful week fashion-wise. She wins our high heel celebrity of the week chart for two very good reasons.

These reasons are two spottings of Kylie over the past week which showed her in a rarely seen light of confidence and stepping out of her comfort zone at least fashion-wise. In the beginning of the week Kylie was seen leaving a studio in a stunning red latex dress.

The body-hugging dress was showing off Kylie’s curves and drew all the attention towards her. She had completed the outfit with a pair of stylish black suede high heels.

Kylie rocked her hair loose and had matching red lipstick to complete her one of her overall best looks and outfits ever. She did seem pretty happy with the results as well and handled the daring outfit with confidence and ease.

A couple of days later Kylie once again drew the attention to herself. This time she appeared for the grand opening of her Beverly Hills salon in a yet again fitted long dress. This time it was made out of normal fabric and it was white. It featured furry details around the shoulders and the waist.

Her high heels were a little bit more daring this time to add an extra punch to the outfit. They were matching color wise, but had more straps and details on them. Kylie also had a black leather purse with a long chain strap.

Her hair was once again loose and the make up was a more neutral tone this time. So overall two very different looks for Kylie this week, but both of them showing the best of her and making sure we take notice of her. So a very nice job by Kylie and a deserved win of the high heel celebrity of the week chart.

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