High heel celebrity of the week – Lea Michele

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High heel celebrity of the week - Lea Michele

High heel celebrity of the week - Lea MicheleLea Michele is the latest high heel celebrity of the week. She looked superb in stylish leather pants and high heels at a concert of Adele.

The American actress is known for her elegant style. Lea can make almost every look seem effortless.

The latest example of this was a few days ago. Lea went to the concert of Adele at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

She rocked a pair of stylish black leather pants. They had high-waist band and a loose fit. The shape of the pants though was elegant and clean and definitely suited Lea Michele.

She rocked a figure-hugging tank top to offset the loose pants. To complete the look Michele had gone for a pair of studded high heels. They were quite high, but she handled them with ease.

Lea was also wearing a black leather bag and a gold choker necklace. She was wearing sunglasses and rocked her hair long and loose. It was a great look for Lea. Definitely one to take note and maybe even try out for a casual day out and about. Or for a party. It should work great for such activities.

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