High heel celebrity of the week – Madison Beer in the most amazing thigh high boots

Spring is coming faster, so thigh high boots are trying to make a lasting impression. Madison Beer made sure you will miss boots a lot during the summer.

She is our latest high heel celebrity of the week. And a very special one, at that.

Madison was among the guests of Balmain’s fashion show during the 2017 Autumn Winter Paris Fashion Week. The theme of that show pretty much was leather and boots and Madison took full advantage of that.

She rocked a stunning pair of thigh high boots in a snakeskin pattern. The very same boots which were a major part of Balmain’s show. A lot of the models rocked the same pair in different colors.

Madison opted for a silver color which she teamed with a pair of black leggings and a brown leather jacket. She looked stunning and visibly loved the look as she modeled with a lot of confidence.

And how could you not be confident in boots like that. As we know thigh high boots are the ultimate confidence booster, especially a stunning pair like these ones.

Madison posed with the boots a lot. She kept her hair loose and draped over one shoulder and played around with it. She opted for a minimal, accenting makeup and didn’t really need much more to look stunning.

Also, a final bonus. Kendall Jenner who rocked the same boots on the runway.

Great stuff.

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