High heel celebrity of the week – Margot Robbie in leather

Margot Robbie is at it again. She impressed with a beautiful, elegant style for a special event this week. So, it’s no surprise that she easily is our newest high heel celebrity of the week.

Margot was in Culver City, USA for the event. It was a Formula E launch tour for Nissan. Margot is the Electric Vehicle and sustainability ambassador for the brand.

She was at the even where Nissan announced it’s entering the 2018/19 season of ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Robbie teamed her own style and taste with some elegant touches and the results are superb.

Margot rocked a full leather outfit which mixed two styles. The leather outfit wast a nice brown shade and it was of two pieces. The shirt was a more traditional cowboy style.

Embed from Getty Images

On the other hand, the skirt was a more elegant and stylish wrap-around design. It featured a tight fit and a long, pleated leather piece going along the front of it.

Embed from Getty Images

Then it was time for the shoes. Margot opted for a pair of elegant silver-golden high heels. They featured peep-toe style with ankle-straps and block high heels. They were of medium height and completed the look quite well.

Margot kept her hair loose and elegantly styled. She opted for just a touch of accenting makeup and that was it. A very simple, yet memorable outfit. Hence why, she is our latest high heel celebrity of the week.

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