High heel celebrity of the week – Miranda Kerr

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High heel celebrity of the week - Miranda KerrFashion supermodel Miranda Kerr certainly knows how to pick great outfits. Her latest sighting in Paris pretty much drew the streets to a halt.

Miranda has been on a roll with her outfits for quite some time now. But her latest outfit brought her game to a new level. She managed to find a great outfit suitable for casual days out and about, but also looking incredibly stylish and sexy.

It is a classic outfit one would expect to see from a woman with high fashion taste, especially in Paris. The outfit consisted of a classic white shirt, a high-waisted A-line skirt that was reaching just a little bit above her knees and high heels.

Miranda Kerr in high heels

The heels in question were typically high as we are used to see from Miranda, with no platform and cut-out with open toes. For added “punch” Miranda also rocked an ankle bracelet on her left ankle.

Completing her look was a black leather handbag and a pair of sunglasses. Keeping her hair tidy was the finishing touch to her elegant look. Miranda was in a great mood, enjoying the attention she got. She definitely ranks quite high on our personal favorite celebrities in high heels of the week chart.

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