High heel celebrity of the week – Myleene Klass

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The cool British spring teamed with the London rain and gave Myleene Klass a great chance to rock some stunning boots. And she’s our new high heel celebrity of the week as a result.

Myleene was out and about in London and the poor weather didn’t manage to ruin her sunny mood. She looked quite happy and her outfit was a great combination of casual and with a dash of provocativeness.

Myleene was dressed in all black. The only non-black item on her actually was her silver wristwatch. Everything else, even her umbrella was black.

She opted for an interesting top which started and looked like a suit jacket, but it didn’t have sleeves. Instead it had to slits on the sides. Myleene had a revealing top underneath which drew attention to her bust.

She completed her main outfit with a pair of black leggings. They kept her warmer in the cool weather.

Finally, her footwear. Myleene took full advantage of the cool weather and rocked a pair of stunning black knee high boots. They had pointy toes and medium hidden platforms. The boots featured thin high heels which added to Myleene’s provocativeness. She looked great.

She kept her hair long and loose. A dash of accenting makeup completed Myleene’s great look. Nicely done.

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