High heel celebrity of the week – Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz is one of the young breakout stars in Hollywood. Apart from acting skills, she also has some great fashion skills which earn her first high heel celebrity of the week win.

Nicola usually opts for more casual looks and outfits. But this doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the skills to pull off elegant and daring looks, too.

She was out partying with friends this past week in West Hollywood at Catch LA. This is where Nicola showed off her daring, but elegant side.

She rocked a gorgeous fitted little black leather dress. The dress showed off her slim and toned curves very well, we think.

It also drew attention to Nicola’s toned legs, which got a few comments in the mainstream press, too. To add a further stunning look to them, Nicola opted for some very high heels.

She was rocking a classic black stiletto high heels with a medium platform at the toes. And.. that’s pretty much it. That was Nicola’s outfit. Very simple, yet very powerful.

She completed her look with a dash of eyeshadows and nude makeup. Her hair was elegantly styled in a classic long and straight look. A few jewels and extra large earrings completed the look.

Nicola oozed confidence which was obvious in her strut. She showed us how something very simple, can have a very powerful, yet elegant look. Nicely done.

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