High heel celebrity of the week – Olivia Culpo

This time, our high heel celebrity of the week is a bit… unusual. It’s Olivia Culpo who is lovely, but her outfit might raise some questions.

Or will it? A few days ago, Olivia was out and about in Los Angeles. She opted for an interesting outfit, which might be more suitable for out “Yay or Nay” feature.

But we actually quite like Olivia’s choice. Bear in mind the setting. She’s not at a formal event, which means a lot more freedom in the fashion choices.

For some reason, Olivia’s outfit reminds us of Merry Poppins. We don’t know if that’s the intended effect, probably not, but it looks like that to us.

Even so, the outfit looks quite elegant on Olivia. She rocks it with a lot of confidence and that is obvious from her energy. Olivia added a pair of elegant ankle strapped high heels.

They were in a nude color to elongate her feet and add some extra height to her look. Olivia opted to keep her hair in a small bun and rocked a pair of huge aviator sunglasses.

She later took them off and showed her elegant and attractive look. To further improve it, she added a dash of eyeliner and lipstick. Simple and very effective.

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