High heel celebrity of the week – Olivia Culpo in booties

Olivia Culpo once again wins our high heel celebrity of the week. This time though Olivia impressed with an unusual style for her outfit.

Olivia was at the Pretty Little Things launch event in Hollywood this past week. She impressed in a very stylish outfit and look.

It’s one of her best looks we think. Olivia added an unique touch to her outfit which could have backfired badly, but actually it didn’t.

Olivia’s outfit featured an oversized long white shirt. She rolled up the sleeves and kept it mostly unbuttoned to create a daring deep V-neck.

What kept the shirt in check was a tightly fitted black patent leather skirt. The skirt was with an asymmetrical style with a high waist and a bow on one side.

It was also quite short, but that wasn’t a problem. Why? Because Olivia rocked the lower part of the shirt showing below the skirt. Thus the skirt was actually acting like a very wide belt.

It sounds risky like a fashion statement, but it worked. Olivia definitely looked good and the outfit drew attention to her toned legs and stylish shoes.

She opted for a pair of pee-toe ankle booties. They had thin high heels with a classic shape and style and matched well with Olivia’s overall look.

She kept her hair loose and opted for a dash of eyeliner. And she added some further provocativeness to her look with a wetlook red lipstick. A great look for Olivia and a deserved another high heel celebrity of the week win for her!

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