High heel celebrity of the week – Olivia Munn for two great pairs of shoes in one day

Olivia Munn is one of those celebs that prefer a more simple and casual style. But when she does go for something more, it’s always with stunning results.

This is why she is our latest high heel celebrity of the week. It is her second win alone and third overall.

But this time she wins on with one outfit and shoes, but with two in a single day. They were of a similar style, but different enough to make each outfit look unique.

Olivia started the day with lunch with friends at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood. She opted for a casual, but attractive look.

Her outfit featured a classic white T-shirt that was a bit transparent and tucked into a classic denim miniskirt. The skirt in question featured birds and flowers prints and had a high waist and ripped seams.

Olivia then added some extra sparkle to her look with a pair of platform high heels. They were red and purple, with ankle straps, thick cone-shaped high heels and peep toes. The shoes added to Olivia’s stunning looks which she completed with a pair of big green eyeglasses, some jewels. She opted to keep her hair in a ponytail for this look.

Then, later in the day, Olivia was in West Hollywood for a night out with friends. This time she opted for a more elegant look with a classic black crop top.

Olivia teamed the top with a pair of light grey hotpants with a wrap at the front. She also added a black purse with a chain strap.

Olivia rocked the same design for her shoes as earlier in the day. This one though was with a darker red and patent black color tone instead of purple. It seems Olivia really likes the look and feel of these shoes and we can’t blame her.

This time she kept her hair loose and opted for a dash of accenting makeup. Again, looking great.

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