High heel celebrity of the week – Peyton List

High heel celebrity of the week - Peyton List
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / William Murphy

Peyton List impresses as our latest high heel celebrity of the week. This actually is the first time Peyton wins this. And it’s about time as it seems long overdue.

Peyton was at Universal’s ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ premiere in Hollywood. She opted for an elegant, but quite brave short golden dress.

Peyton’s dress was well fitted and sleeve-less. It featured a striped design with several buttons at the front.

The dress drew most of the attention to Peyton’s toned legs and hips. Peyton herself added extra attention grabbers with her footwear.

She rocked a pair of ankle-strapped platform high heels. The shoes featured thick platforms with golden details at the front and over the toes. The actual heels were chunky and black.

Peyton kept the golden style with her long, loose hair and even makeup. She opted f or a dash of lip-gloss and some eyeliner. Nothing overboard, but enough for a very simple and stylish look.

Peyton oozed confidence with her look and pulled off an outfit and look to remember. Definitely one for the books.

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