High heel celebrity of the week – Peyton R. List

Peyton R. List is our new high heel celebrity of the week. She impressed with a glamorous and stylish outfit at the Variety Power of Young Hollywood event.

Peyton was among the many guests at the event which was at TAO Hollywood in LA earlier this week. She opted for a elegant, but also provocative style and looked great.

Her outfit was quite interesting and certainly caught a lot of attention. It all starts with a striped business shirt with loose, Victorian style long sleeves.

Peyton tucked the shirt into a striking and glamorous sequin skirt. The skirt had a high waist and a tight fit which was loosened thanks to a dangerously high slit above the left leg.

Overall the skirt reached to Peyton’s calves and then gave way towards her toned legs and winged high heels. This the second time such heels make their way over the week.

These heels though featured a flower motive and butterfly wings. They also had thin ankle straps not to draw away the attention form the main design.

Peyton looked more than happy and confident in her outfit and spent some time modeling it for the photographers. She completed her look by styling her hair long and loose in slight curls. Some light accenting makeup with eyeliner and lip gloss completed her elegant and glamorous look. A deserved win for Peyton.

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