High heel celebrity of the week – Rachel Hilbert

American model Rachel Hilbert is our latest high heel celebrity of the week. Rachel won with a mix of style and provocativeness with a stunning dress.

Rachel was at Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation For Cancer Research Angel Ball. The event was in New York and had quite a few celebrities.

Rachel was among the best looking of them. She wowed with a stylish long golden dress and matching high heels.

The dress was very elegant with swooping lines, a hugging waist and a very long and daring split. It also featured a low back.

Rachel teamed the dress with a pair of very elegant golden strapped high heels. They featured only two very thin straps and very high and pin-like thin heels. They must have been a challenge to walk in, but Rachel managed with absolute ease.

She oozed confidence and even showed off by posing a bit for the cameras. Hilbert had a stylish hairdo and elegant jewels to complete her glamorous look. Some discrete accenting makeup and a confident smile was enough to seal the deal!

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