High heel celebrity of the week – Rihanna in stunning full leather and high heels

Rihanna is our newest and undisputed high heel celebrity of the week. She wowed us in a daring full leather outfit and high heels at Jay-Z’s concert in Inglewood.

Usually we add some additional stuff to the text or recap the week. This time though we’re going straight to work, as we have one of Rihanna’s hottest looks and outfits ever.

She was at the Forum in Inglewood, California just a couple of days ago. And she was meltingly hot in her daring, but also elegant outfit.

Rihanna was rocking a classic long black leather coat. It had a very elegant style with a classic collar, double-sided buttons and thick leather. The coat was just a… cover though.

Rihanna rocked it closed for a short while, but then let it open and slightly slouched on her shoulders. The open coat revealed Rita’s main outfit.

It was a very, very provocative little black leather dress. The dress featured low cups, two leather straps around the shoulders and a very tight fit. It was also quite a short dress, barely reaching Rihanna’s thighs.

Her footwear was an equal mix of style and provocativeness. Rihanna opted for a pair of black leather high heels with interesting asymmetrical straps around the foot. The heels were thin and high, but not too high. Rihanna also added a silver ankle bracelet on her left ankle.

And she wasn’t done with the leather. Rihanna completed her style with a small leather handbag.

She kept her hair in an elegant ponytail and opted for balanced makeup. This means Rihanna rocked a dash of accenting eyeshadows and eyeliner without going overboard with it. But she also added attractive red lipstick.

As you can imagine, Rihanna attracted quite a lot of attention. She looked quite confident in her leather outfit and wowed everyone lucky enough to see her live. And now she wowed us, and probably you, with her stunning appearance. What an effect can some fabric and heels do!

Update: The original article incorrectly named her as Rita Ora…Why? Because brain fart, it was too early and we were simply way too distracted by all of this stunning images and leather…

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