High heel celebrity of the week – Rihanna

After a little break, Rihanna is back! The famous singer showed off a new look which is even more daring! A long red dress and high heels drive it home.

Rihanna has never been one to shy away from the most daring dresses possible. She wowed on the streets of New York by appearing in a superb long red satin dress.

Now, this doesn’t seem like much at first. But the dress had two long splits on either side and a very generous neck line. It also clung along Rihanna’s curves, leaving little to the imagination.

She also rocked a pair of high heels to complete her look. The heels in question were silver with ankle-straps. The straps were as thin as possible, giving an impression of sparking jewels.

Rihanna rocked her new dreadlock hair style. She also put accenting makeup with daring red lipstick and eyeliner. She was ready for a night of partying.

The look is definitely not an easy one to pull off. But it actually suits Rihanna quite well. Well done!

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