High heel celebrity of the week – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is out latest winner of the high heel celebrity of the week chart, thanks to her super casual, but sexy look.

Rosie was recently seen shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles where she amazed with a casual, but very sexy and fitting outfit. It showed why Rosie should be near the top of your celebrity’s style to watch list. You can get some great ideas for outfits from her.

For this particular occasion, Rosie was rocking a pair of fitted black pants, black and white stripped shirt and a black leather jacket with a furry collar. Rosie was also wearing a thick band around her neck, oh, and a pair of almost calf-high booties with golden lining on the sole and red high heels and golden zippers at the back. The booties themselves were suede with diamond pattern sewn onto them.

She was in a great mood and browsed through the items until coming across a stylish suit jacket which also fitted her beautifully. So, naturally, she bought it.

Rosie was also wearing a pair of black sunglasses and had her hair in a bun. Overall a great everyday outfit that both looks great and it is comfortable. So A+ for Rosie there.

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