High heel celebrity of the week – Selena Gomez

After taking a break during the summer, Selena Gomez is now back in action. And she’s upping her fashion game quite a lot, especially during the NYFW.

Selena is in New York during the New York Fashion Week. She also goes to a lot of other events. One of them was at the Coach House.

Selena went there rocking an elegant and attractive outfit which was both street-style and event-style. She also sported some interesting accessories to make her look even more unique.

Selena opted for a figure hugging and shaping outfit from head to toe. It all starts with a fitted, body-hugging shirt with long sleeves.

Selena tucked the shirt into a pair of skin-tight black leather pants with a medium waist-band. The pants featured several decorative zippers on the sides and silver buttons ad add-ons. She also carried a red sporty jacket, which she wore inside only draped on her shoulders.

Selena chose a pair of black ankle-strapped high heels. They featured studded straps which matched somewhat the pants and created a more uniform look.

Selena rocked her now short hair loose and slightly curvy. She opted for more accented makeup with eyeliner and well-defined red lipstick. She also rocked a camera-like purse to complete her look. Overall a very nice outfit and look for Selena and a deserved win for the week.

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