High heel celebrity of the week – Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been on quite the roll lately. She takes this week’s high heel celebrity of the week thanks to a stylish pair of thigh high boots.

Selena rarely wears boots but when she does, she makes sure you will notice. That was the case when she arrived to New York at JFK airport rocking a pair of over the knee black leather boots on thin high heels.

Gomez was wearing an asymmetrical sweater and was showing off her tights all the way. She also had a top hat for added style points.

verall it was an interesting blend of style, casual look and a sexy, slightly daring look. Selena has proven over the past few months that she can pull off such a style with ease.

A couple of days later her gorgeous boots made a second appearance in New York. It seems they were comfortable enough for Selena to choose them again for a night out with Megan Puleri. This time she had added a long beige coat to keep her warm during the cold New York nights.

We are not complaining. We love boots and we love Selena. So it is a perfect match in our minds.

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