High heel celebrity of the week – Taylor Swift plus bonus

Taylor Swift is back on the fashion stage! After she took a break, now she is once again rocking high heels and improves her already great style even more.

Taylor was seen out and about in Nasville earlier this week. She was as fashionable as always.

Swift rocked a short summer dress which she had teamed with a pair of cone-shaped high heels. She had picked a small shoulder purse to add to her glam look.

Naturally, she quickly turned into a talking point of everyone around. Swift rocked a confident strut and wowed with her look.

This week we have three honorable mentions as well. The first one is Kendall Jenner in Paris. She rocked a long bronze silk dress teamed with calf boots on thick heels.

Then is Bai Ling who was at the opening the 38th Moscow International Film. Ling stuck to her always daring style, but this time with some added elegance. Her daring black dress looked superb matched with colorful high heels.

Lastly, we have Bella Hadid in Paris. She had an interesting choice of a tracksuit paired with strapped high heels. It’s a look that few can pull off and Bella is certainly one of them.

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