High heel celebrity of the week – the electric Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has done it again. She wowed us with one outfit at the start of the week and she kept the lead all the way to the end. Once again she’s our newest high heel celebrity of the week.

It was definitely difficult to not share her stunning outfit and look. But we managed it.

So, now, here’s our latest high heel celebrity of the week – Bella Hadid. In an iconic outfit for sure.

Many claimed it was a “Matrix”-style coat, but it isn’t. “Matrix” coats are more shiny, more fitted with zippers and shorter.

This coat was just a fashion celebration of what fashion can do. We’ve often said it – it’s amazing what some fabric and heels can do.

Bella’s outfit was instantly regarded as a trend setter by many fashion outlets. Would such daring, but elegant long PVC and leather coats be a top spring trend?

We certainly hope so, but we doubt it. Hopefully they will be, as there’s something very special about a woman in a long elegant coat.

While most outlets didn’t seem to know who made Bella’s stunning coat, we might have found out. Bella tagged Ralph Lauren to one of her Instagram pics with the coat. So it’s a pretty safe bet that Lauren is the maker of the stunning coat.

It was quite the fashion piece. The coat featured a matte PVC which looked like an electric overall when the flashes of the cameras reflected on it. The futuristic look of the coat was improved even more by a lace/knitted part at the lower half at the back.

The overall shape of the coat though was quite stylish and classic. It even had classic buttons, a belt and an elegant collar. It was also quite a long coat, creating a flowing look behind Bella.

Hadid kept the attention mostly to the coat, but also rocked a short skirt and an animated shirt underneath. She also added quite the footwear to complete the look.

Bella was rocking a pair of black, lace-up patent booties. They are made by Liudmilla and retail for $1160.

These booties Bella’s new favorites seemingly as she wears them a lot. We’ve already featured her once before with those booties as a winner of a high heel celebrity of the week.

So, this is our first time one celeb wins the week with the same type of heels more than once. Deservedly so, though. As you can probably tell, this is one of our favorite looks of Bella.

This is why we have selected more than a couple pics of her. We simply couldn’t contain ourselves. Great job by Bella Hadid for sure.

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