High heel celebrity of the week – the golden Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid continues her stride of choices of stunning dresses and heels for special occasions. The latest was at the BVLGARI Dinner Party in Rome.

Last year Bella made waves with her daring dresses at red carpet events. This year Bella is all about high class and glamorous style.

Her latest choice was by the book when it comes to glamorous and high fashion. Bella impressed with a stunning, golden sequin dress.

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The dress was a classic style with thin shoulder straps and a slightly loose fit at the waist. The dress was well fitted at the hips and then flowed down almost to the ground. A long split over the left leg added extra points to the glamorous dress.

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Bella knew the dress was an attention grabber and didn’t want anything to distract from it. So, she chose appropriate footwear for that – a pair of almost completely transparent high heels.

The shoes even had chunky heels (still transparent) to be comfortable, but not to draw too much attention. It’s a nice trick – grabbing attention by appearing to not want it.

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Bella then added a few finishing touches to her glamorous look. She kept her hair long and loose in a completely straightened style. A dash of lighter eyeshadow color along with eyeliner and lip gloss completed her makeup style.

Finally, a diamond necklace and discrete earrings were the final touch. Elegant, classy, glamorous and with a dash of provocativeness. Easy to see why Bella once again is our high heel celebrity of the week.

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