High heel celebrity of the week – the stunning Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner started this week with a stunner of an outfit and no one came close to it all week. So she’s our latest high heel celebrity of the week.

Kendall was seen on Monday evening, leaving a Vogue Magazine dinner party in New York. She wowed in one of her most stunning outfits yet.

Kendall was wearing a stunning long silver dress with a completely closed back and quite opened front. The dress featured long sleeves with wide shoulder pads, as well.

The front of the dress had a very deep V-neck line and an equally daring split over the right leg. The design was also a bit asymmetrical with a wrap-around style.

Kendall added to the look even more with a pair of matching, silver high heels. The shoes featured only two, medium wide straps holding them to the feet. The top strap was even slightly above the ankle for an even more of a floating look.

The actual heels though were high, but not overly high. They looked elegant and added to Kendall’s jawdropping look quite well.

She rocked her classic almost no-makeup look with only a dash of eyeliner. And she kept her hair in a ponytail. Definitely one of Kendall’s both most elegant, daring and stunning looks all rolled into one. It’s easy to see why she won high heel celebrity of the week again. But it wasn’t easy to wait a whole week to share it, that’s for sure.

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