High heel celebrity of the week – the stunningly elegant Olivia Culpo

We don’t really know what to say. Olivia Culpo is on a huge fashion roll these days. She keeps choosing and wearing stunning outfits one after the other.

So, Olivia is once again our latest high heel celebrity of the week. This time for two different outfits she wore in two consecutive days.

Olivia is also shaping up to be a big fan of leather as the fabric is very often among her top choices. And she certainly knows how to make the most out of it.

Olivia once again managed to achieve something that we quite love and it’s quite difficult for most. She managed to find the perfect balance in her outfit and look between being provocative, classy and elegant all in one.

Earlier in the week Olivia was spotted going out in New York. She was obviously going to a special event. Olivia rocked a stunning red leather dress with a deep and brave V-neck and a hug-me style at the top half. The top of the dress was with smooth leather and long sleeves.

The lower half of the dress transitioned into a slouched and wrinkled fitted skirt. It had a two-way golden zipped moved to the left side.

Olivia teamed the stunning dress with a pair of black tights and a pair of elegant ankle-strapped high heels. The shoes had thick straps around the ankles and very thin spike high heels.

Olivia also rocked accenting makeup and had done her hair in slight curls and combed over her right side. She also carried some flowers for the event, seemingly. A stunning look and outfit without a doubt.

The next day Olivia was also out and about in New York. This time she rocked a much more casual, but still very elegant outfit.

Olivia was rocking an oversized black and beige sweater which she teamed with a pair of elegant suede thigh high boots. The boots were also very elegant with thin heels and a silver outside zipper. They had a leather top part which was turned over cowboy boot style.

Olivia added a bit of extra sexyness to the outfit with a pair of skin tight leather leggings. You could only see a tiny bit of them though as the sweater and boots kept most of them hidden.

This time Olivia rocked an almost no-makeup look with only a dash of accenting touches here and there. She kept her hair straight and rocked an elegant hat. A big purse completed her casual, but elegant and attractive look. So, easy to see why Olivia won this time and is once again our high heel celebrity of the week.


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