High heel celebrity of the week – Victoria Justice

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Victoria Justice joins the small club of celebs who win the high heel celebrity of the week twice. Her latest outfit for the Pre-Grammy party is the reason.

Victoria rocked the Delta Airlines ‘Site and Sounds’ Pre-Grammy Party in Los Angeles in a stylish and sexy outfit, amazing high heels and was oozing confidence throughout the event. She is one of the celebrities that lately have been really stepping up their fashion game.

It was just recently, at the Golden Globes, what Victoria wowed us in a long red dress. She has now returned with another great outfit for the Delta Airlines ‘Site and Sounds’ Pre-Grammy Party in L.A.

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Justice rocked a short dress with long sleeves and lots of sparkling gems all over the dress. It had a slight fringe motive as well with lots of dangling glittering strands.

Completing her outfit was a pair of very shiny double ankle-strapped silver high heels. They had pointy toes and the heel was all the way at the far back of the shoe, which is a very challenging combination. Even so, Victoria had no issues whatsoever and rocked the red carpet with style and even more confidence than usual. Which is a great thing.

Victoria rocked her hair loose which suits her very much. She also had minimal makeup with the exception of a more expressive lipstick.

Overall an A+ look for Victoria.

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