High heel celebrity of the week – Victoria Justice (because reasons)

Victoria Justice once again wins high heel celebrity of the week. Why? Because she had an awesome week rocking several different heels and thigh high boots.

And, if there’s anything we love more than celebrities in high heels, is celebs who know their stuff. Victoria is one of them and she knows her style to perfection.

She keeps showing up in one great outfit after another, rarely missing a beat. As this week is the New York Fashion Week, Justice went to several big shows to check out the latest collections.

She dressed for the occasions each time and looked superb. Then there were the occasional spotting of her out and about in New York rocking superb everyday outfits. How is she supposed NOT to win high heel celebrity of the week once again?

One of her most impressive outfits during the week definitely was the one with a short summer dress, hotpants and suede thigh high boots. Victoria rocked the outfit just out and about in Tribeca, New York and looked like a supermodel doing it. And she knew it.

For the 2nd Annual Refinery29 29Rooms event though, Victoria went casual. She rocked ripped jeans with booties with thick heels. She teamed the outfit with a stylish shirt with one shoulder and accenting makeup. Nicely done.

The one-shoulder motive continued for the Harpers BAZAAR ICONS Party during the New York Fashion Week. For this occasion Victoria rocked a daring fringe dress, studded with rocks and wrapping over one shoulder. She teamed the dress with silver sky high ankle-strapped high heels.

Victoria showed up in another impressive outfit for Pamella Roland’s Fashion Show, too.She rocked a loose fitting top with a very deep V-line neck. The top was paired with a classic short black skirt. Finally, a pair of strappy high heels completed the look.

But wait, there’s more! Here is another reason why Victoria is the high heel celebrity of the week. One we covered just yesterday. So, yes. She wins. Again. And we are more than happy about that!

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