High heel celebrity of the week – Victoria Justice (yep, again)

It’s that time again! Our new high heel celebrity of the week is Victoria Justice. She stole the show in a great outfit at a movie premiere in LA.

What’s that you say? Didn’t she win a few weeks ago for the severalth time? Yes, she did. And she does now.

Why? Well, because we are on a Victoria roll and she’s on a roll, too. She had several events this week and she looked stunning in all of them.

Victoria is currently one of the best dressing and most stylish celebrities. She really knows how to look great with seemingly minimal effort. Plus, we kind of wanted another celeb, but it turned out the outfit and heels we liked on her, were from last month, so…

Anyway, Victoria wins for her outfit and high heels she rocked at the premiere of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again in LA. She opted for a fitted sequin dress. It was short and clung to her body, showing it off.

Victoria also rocked a pair of matching glittering ankle-strapped high heels. They were quite high with thick soles, but not exactly a platform. She handled the heels with ease and posed for quite a lot of pictures.

Justice didn’t go overboard with the makeup, as well. She stuck to her classic look with accenting red lipstick and discrete eyeliner. She kept her hair long and loose and added only a few jewels to her glamorous look.

That’s it! Simple, but as you can see, very, very effective! Well done!

Honorable mention: Charlotte Ross for her superb black leather thigh high boots. She rocked them at the premiere of American Pastoral in Beverly Hills.

They are awesome, no?

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