High heel celebrity of the week – Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana is our new high heel celebrity of the week. She showed us a great outfit mixing both elegance, style and casual in one. And with lots of leather, too.

Zoe was a guest at the Lorraine TV show this week in London. She opted for a great outfit which was mostly with a casual look, but also quite elegant.

Zoe was wearing a striped fitted shirt with long sleeves and a neck-tie like… tie at the top of the shirt. And it was tucked into a stunning long leather skirt.

The skirt was olive green with a high waist and a great fit. The skirt elegantly flared and reached all the way down to Zoe’s ankles. It also had a wrap-around design with several buttons on one side. With the buttons Zoe could adjust the split of the skirt which she did a few times.

Zoe teamed the skirt with a pair of elegant ankle-strapped high heels. They had pointy toes and spike heels. The shoes were suede and looked like a mix between copper and bronze colors.

For outside, Zoe also rocked an elegant long black coat. It added and extra flare to her look, although her outfit and skirt deserved to be seen more. So, she wore the coat unbuttoned to do just that.

Zoe completed her look with a dash of simple makeup. She kept her hair loose and looked very elegant. So, she’s a well deserved high heel celebrity of the week.

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