High heel celebrity of the year 2016 – Victoria Justice

It’s time! 2016 is over and we took a deep look at how celebrities performed on our site and which ones did you like the most. Victoria Justice wins!

For the second year in a row Victoria Justice is the winner. And it’s not just because we like her (we do).

We did some science and counting. We took a look at each high heel celebrity of the week wins celebrities have.

We also took into account the overall times a celebrity was featured on our site. And we noted how many views did the posts had.

So, while Ariana Grande hold the single most viewed post for the second year, her average features, views and wins is not that high. So she’s not the high heel celebrity of the year.

Emily Ratajkowski also had a great year. But she didn’t make enough features or wins, so she’s a very close second.

But Victoria Justice… she has 29 features for 2016 alone! This is her 30th! She’s also the celebrity who showed quite a wide array of styles and outfits throughout the year. She did have a few misses, but they were too few and far apart to really remember.

Be it boots, stilettos, pumps, leather, lace, gowns, Victoria rocked it all in 2016. The one thing we can’t recall seeing her wear was platform high heels. But we probably missed it, since Justice had quite a busy year and she was pretty much everywhere.

What’s more impressive is that Victoria looked great in almost all events. No matter if they were red carpets, shows, awards or simply out and about on a causal day, Victoria was always on her top form.

For that reason alone she’s our favorite high heel celebrity of 2016. It goes well with her win for 2015. Who will win 2017? The year will be challenging as there are a lot of stunning celebrities. Not only Emily Ratajkowski is a top contender, but also Bella Hadid, Bella Thorne and quite a few others. It’s going to be fun, so stay tuned!

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