High heel celebrity of the year – Bella Hadid

After two straight years of Victoria Justice being our high heel celebrity of the year, there’s now a new queen. It’s Bella Hadid for her pretty much stunning year, especially fashion-wise.

Bella actually had quite the year full stop. She was at all of the major fashion events, launched lots of products and wowed pretty much all the time with her fashion.

Bella consistently had either the best or among the best outfits, high heels and styles throughout the year. 2017 was definitely the year of Bella Hadid.

She changed her appearance a few times, too. She also evolved her fashion style quite a lot. Bella became known for her choice f stunning and daring evening dresses and gowns.

She also changed up her daily style, too. These days Bella is much more braver, elegant and her fashion range is quite vast. You can see her in comfy jeans and sneakers looking as stunning as when she’s rocking full leather and boots or an elegant dress.

The same goes for her footwear. There’s barely any style of shoes, heels and boots, Bella didn’t wear at least once during the year. Granted, she’s a supermodel, so she has to. But we don’t mean her runway work. We mean her outs and abouts, parties, and events. She rocked so many different and stunning shoes and heels throughout 2017. And a lot of them are here.

It’s a year where Bella really did climbed to another level with her fashion game. And there’s not much else to say really. Simply take a look at the gallery and see for yourself. It’s definitely the year of Bella! Which only makes us even more interested to see what she will do in 2018, so stick along for the ride! For now, congratulations to Bella for the amazing year!

Our high heel celebrity of 2017 – Bella Hadid

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