High Heel Jungle socks could be a new shoe trend

High Heel Jungle socks could be a new shoe trendHigh heels and socks are a bit of a “love or hate” type of thing. High heel Jungle is a new brand which aims to make socks for high heels quite fashionable and much more attractive.

These elegant high heel socks come in several variants and have the same goal. To help you be more unique.

High Heel Jungle is created by Kathryn Eisman. She is the former heard of fashion and lifestyle at E! News. She took her experience in the fashion world and mixed up with studying the psychology of style.

The result? High Heel Jungle and the attractive socks for heels. They come in many shapes and forms. Some have added jewels. Others have graphics. There are different designs and styles to suit every taste and occasion.

“I’ve written many books on the psychology of style and believe that people reveal themselves in the details — fashion is the ultimate extension of who we are,” Eisman tells Bustle. “I created High Heels Jungle Socks so that every woman can turn the simple act of getting dressed each day into a joyful and powerful from of self expression… actively choosing who she will be in the world that day.”

Pastel Pearl Sock – Pink

The High Heel Jungle socks aren’t simply something you wear. They want to be a vital part of your overall style. You can and should make them an attractive part of your look.

“Each sock in the collection will speak to a different woman and does talk to her, is she feeling whimsical in her flamingo tulle socks or sexy in her butterfly fishnets or do her Leave Me Alone socks have the cheeky attitude that express how she feels that day,” Eisman says.

The socks are meant to look high-fashion, but not break your bank account. Prices range from $20 to $50, depending on the style and complexity.

“For the longest time the emphasis has been on what statement bag she carries, but modern women are ready for a more irreverent and cost-effective statement piece,” Eisman tells Bustle. “I love the idea of dressing from the feet up.”

“Without a huge financial investment she can slip on a pair of High Heel Jungle statement socks and completely reframe and update her usual jeans or dress look,” she says. “Our socks are conversation starters — be it a new friend, a job opportunity or a love, they might just change the course of her destiny. That’s when fashion becomes really powerful.”

Sounds, quite good, doesn’t it? Will the High Heel Jungle socks catch on? We will keep an eye out for sure.

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