High heeled celebrity of the week – Jessica Sanchez

The world of celebrities seems to have slowed down a bit over the past few days with most celebs taking a more casual approach to their outfit. But not all.

During the CoacArt Gala of Champions in Beverly Hills we could see quite a few celebs that were going for the title of best high heeled celebrity of the week. Well, probably most of them don’t know about it, but hey, they still took part.

The one that caught our eyes the most was Jessica Sanchez. She was wearing a fittedĀ little purple dress that was showing off her body and drawing attention to her legs.

Her high heels were sky high with a transparent stripe making most of the jewels on the shoes seem floating on top of her toes. It is definitely an interesting choice and looks pretty good on her, albeit some of her toes seem a bit too squished.

The singer’s popularity is rising and she was in a pretty good mood at the event. Sanchez is slowly but surely climbing up on the ladder of celebrities that should be monitored for their fashion taste as well as her high heel taste.


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