High heels and high fashion go very low, can they climb back?

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On the surface, there’s an obvious reason. During the lockdowns and work-from-home period people didn’t need to dress up. And a lot of them had to save money, rather than spend them. So, they didn’t buy shoes and heels.

Currently this is a trend in the United States. Data for other markets isn’t known yet, but it’s probably near the same parameters. High fashion in general has been hit hard during the tough times. But what will happen during the next few months?

As most of the economy is rebounding, everyone are still preparing about the autumn and winter months and the possible new rise in infections. So, many businesses are keeping working from home protocols in place. And people in general are a bit more careful about spending for luxury goods.

Fashion trends

Ok, but there are plenty of high heel shoes that aren’t expensive, you’d say. So, why are they all down on sales? Well, here comes the fashion trend. High heels, sadly, have been on the way out. And many pundits have labeled them as something bad. Coupled with the fact that many women haven’t learned how to walk in heels properly and wear the wrong size and height, thus are in pain, it means that there are plenty of women who love the fact that they don’t have to wear heels.

The result is that it’s getting rare to see high heels in the everyday life. Sure, on TV, movies, shows, magazines, photos and so on, high heels are still everywhere. But more and more women see them as just something nice to wear for an occasion and not during the day.

Of course, plenty of women will also still continue to rock heels. They shouldn’t be shamed or criticized for that. But it will mean that high heels are getting a rarer sight in the real world, apart from the special occasions. Does this mean that high heels are out for good?

Hopefully not. But the trend is definitely on the way down as our site itself is showing. It has been very tough to find positive news for high heels. Sure, celebrities still rock heels all the time, even during their out-and-abouts, but it’s not enough. Hopefully, as time goes by, things will change and heels will start to make a slight comeback. Historically, these shoes have endured a lot, so we would love to seem them stick around and continue to make our days glamorous.

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