High heels are coming back and so are we!

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High heels are coming back and so are we!
Image credit: Christian Louboutin

If you’re a fan of high heels (and since you’re here, you probably are), then you know that these shoes have had a tough time. But it’s finally changing.

And if you are among our frequent visitors, you’ve noticed we took a bit of a break. To be honest, we weren’t all that inspired after a flood of negative news about high heels.

“No one wants to wear heels anymore!” “Only celebrities have time to wear heels!” “Heels send the wrong message!”

Those are just a tiny representation of the vast amount of negative thoughts about high heels that we had to come across over the past few months. The amount of heels-related content also dropped a lot, seemingly as everyone either moved on or were scared to talk about the topic. Women also seemingly started wearing heels less and less. All of this took its toll.

So, we decided to take a break. No writing about heels. No looking for news or events. Instead, we simply looked outside.

And there it was. Happening in front of our eyes. This summer we’ve seen more women wearing high heels than in quite some time. It seemed as heels were pushed away more and more, women started to turn back to them.

Honestly, we’ve seen a big rise in women in everyday situations wearing heels. Quite a few of them were just in the park, taking a stroll with a loved one. Others were out and about, some were going to and from work. But many of them were indeed wearing high heels.

It seems like this crusade against high heels was a much needed restart for this beloved fashion item. There were a few interesting trends we saw.

For example, the vast majority of the women wearing heels had opted for simple, classic styles. Pumps, small platforms, clean designs, darker and discrete colors.

Before the “demise” of the high heel, there was a point where these types of shoes were aiming to be as eye-grabbing as possible. They were way too daring. And they may have been sending the wrong message, indeed.

After the pullback, now heels are starting to come back. But they are also coming back to their classic roots. They are more elegant, stylish. They don’t aim to be the most attention-grabbing item of your look. Instead, they aim to add to your look and complete it. They are the finishing touch, as they should be.

This trend is now continuing into the autumn months. Hopefully it’s here to stay and will remind us all how great high heels are when done right. And ladies seem to have and are reminding themselves of how to do just that.

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