High heels are in a downfall due to lack of knowledge and practice

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High heels are in a downfall due to lack of knowledge and practiceThe media is on quite the roll lately, proclaiming the downfall and “death” of high heels. It’s viewed as a form of liberation and it’s almost coming to the point that women who continue to wear high heels are shamed for this.

As you can imagine, this irritates us a bit. One of the main reasons why cited as why women “ditch high heels” is the search for comfort.

The actual reason though is lack of knowledge and practice. There’s a reason why high heels are viewed as one of the most uncomfortable shoes ever – because a lot of women actually don’t wear them properly. Yes, we said it.

And yes, high heels are definitely not for everyone. They are definitely a challenge to wear and to walk in. So, doing it right is vital.

High heel mistakes

There are many mistakes which a lot of women do when wearing high heels. And most women don’t even realize they are doing these mistakes. Why? Because no one told them how to do it properly.

High heels are not like sneakers. You don’t just pick a pair that fits and you’re on your way. Many women set themselves up for failure even before they buy a new pair of high heels.

There are many, many things you have to consider. For example, the size of the shoe – you have to measure your feet twice a year (88% of women wear shoes which are too small!) to make sure you are picking up the right size of shoes.

Next, the form of the shoes. Each foot, ankle, leg and body as a whole is slightly different. This means each body and leg and foot will react differently to the same shoe. There’s a whole formula.

For example, some of us don’t have as flexible joints as others. And others have a better natural balance than the rest. As a result some of us will feel more comfortable on lower and chunkier heels. Others could handle the highest and thinnest of heels out there.

The problem is many women see models and other women in magazines and social media rocking the most glamorous heels and also want to try them. Yes, the same magazines and social media which now is proclaiming happily the demise of high heels.

Thing is these glamorous heels are often being worn only for the pictures, but many women want to wear them during an entire day. This isn’t a problem if you have experience, are in good shape and know how to walk and wear in high heels.

More mistakes

And then there’s the shape of the shoe. Pointed toe shoes restrain the toes more and can lead to more pain at the front of the foot. Higher heels put more pressure at the ball of the foot and if the soles are too thin, this leads to more pain.

Then there’s the actual heel. Chunkier heels are easier to balance. Thinner are more difficult to balance and require stronger ankles.

Next, the heel placement. Some shoes pull the heel at the very back, which makes it difficult to balance and to walk. The heel should be placed right in the middle of your own heel.

And there’s more. The heel has to be properly balanced.

Even the fabric of the shoe is important. Leather inline is more comfortable. Nylon or other rougher fabrics can scuff the foot and cause blisters.

Then there’s the way we walk in heels. Many women don’t walk properly in heels. This results in pain, bunions, discomfort. Only a few small changes in your walk can do wonders.

Many women want to immediately start rocking the highest and most daring heels. This is also a mistake. You have to start low and work your way up. The more experience you gain, the easier it’s going to be when you rock the most glamorous heels.

Also, keep variety. Wear different shoes during the week. Don’t stick to only heels or only flats. This way it’s going to be painful if you wear heels only for special occasions. Wearing various shoe heights keeps the ankles toned and in shape.

Knowledge is power

There’s a lot more you can and should know about high heels. For example proper ways to walk down stairs. And even a proper way to dance in heels.

There’s also stuff you should know about posture. And you just have to know how to take good care of your feet.

We know what you’re thinking. Who has the time for all of this stuff, right? Well, that’s the price you have to pay if you want to wear high heels and actually enjoy them. Know your limits, honor them, take good care of yourself. All of this will make you feel great not only when you wear heels, but all the time.

That’s just a small amount of stuff you should know, but shows why most women feel pain with heels. Of course, there’s also some women who simply don’t feel good in high heels. But there are also many ladies who love their heels. And we shouldn’t go about claiming they are crazy or something for wanting to wear heels voluntarily. Heels can be great if you put some effort in them. If you don’t want to – great, but just don’t make others feel bad for feeling good in them.

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