High heels are not always the cause of osteoarthritis, says podiatrist

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High heels are not always the cause of osteoarthritis, says podiatristHigh heels are often blamed for osteoarthritis, but according to a podiatrist specialist, the shoes are not always the culprit. There is much more to it.

The topic on high heels and health once again came to light after Victoria Beckham announced she’s quitting high heels. At the very least, she will not be wearing them all the time as she used to, but only for special occasions. This immediately fired up the debate, that she has some health issues due to her long love for high heels.

Beckham never said anything like that, but she didn’t give much other reasons, either. Apart from heels not being practical enough for her busy lifestyle. So are really high heels that scary?

Andrew Gladstone, a podiatrist at the City Chiropody & Podiatry, says to the International Business Times, that there are many possible health risks that come with excess wearing of high heels. Like corns on toes, between the toes, hard skin on the foot sole, worsened state of bunions, damaged and thickened toenails, alters shape of feet, affects knees and hips and food function later in life.

The UK National Health Service has also said that high heels above 3.5 inches can cause osteoarthritis. Gladstone says that while this is possible, it is not the only reason why a woman can get osteoarthritis. It also depends on the genetics which have a vital role in the shape of the foot. That’s determined in the womb as to whether someone can get away wearing high heels or not. Some people can wear high heels all day with no problems”, Gladstone says.

If you are not among the lucky ones and can’t rock stilettos all day every days, don’t worry. You can still wear lower heels more often and keep the sky high ones for special occasions. Also often alternate the shoes during the week to keep your feet in good shape. “Listen to your feet – if they hurt, then the shoes probably need to come off!”, Gladstone says and adds this applies to all types of shoes, including for men.

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