High heels can make you moody and even cruel, study says

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Well, that didn’t take long. It’s time to bash high heels, yet again. A new unnamed study claims wearing high heels can make you mood and even cruel.

We normally neglect these things, but this one seemed to need some attention. The study, reported by Tuko, claims that men are “repelled” by women who wear high heels.

To be honest, any woman who loves high heels, can say the exact opposite. Men are suckers for a dressed up lady and that includes stylish or even daring high heels and/or boots.

What men don’t appreciate is when a woman is so crazy about shoes and high heels, she never stops talking about them. They don’t like when a woman obsesses over heels or fashion, but they certainly do appreciate a woman who has found her style and rocks it.

It gets better. The unnamed scientists then say women who love high heels are moody and sour. Cruel even. They say it’s all because of the high heels.

Why? Because, you see, when you wear sky high shoes, your toes naturally try to claw to keep you into place. This, they say, creates pressure and friction and in turn can lead to the formation of calluses. And, as we know, this brings discomfort, and makes a high heel wearing woman moody.

As a result, this is the explanation why women are acting moody or even cruel. And it also explains why they are cold towards men at the club. Apparently, it has nothing to do with the fact that women can get irritated by the wisecracks of men who want to draw her attention. And then again, what about the way a woman looks and even glows when she sees the man she loves and forgets about the pain in her shoes and instead feels like a million bucks in her heels.

So, while heels can certainly add to your bad mood, they are not the only reason. Just the same way can anything irritate you for a bit. But few things can thrill you like heels, right?

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