High heel celebrities of the week – Olivia Culpo, Bella Hadid an Blake Lively

What a week! The New York Fashion Week made sure there’s an overflow of stunning celebrities in high heels. In the end, the winners are the usual suspects, once again – Bella Hadid, Olivia Culpo and Blake Lively.

Yes, all three of them are this week’s high heel celebrities. Bella and Olivia finally win one in the same week. Blake Lively though gives them both a run for their money with a simple, but incredibly stylish outfit and heels.

They all impressed us with their styles throughout the week. Especially Bella and her street style, but more on that later. Now, it’s time to see the weekly winners.

Olivia Culpo for example wowed us with several sunning outfits. One of them was this one, mixing up an interesting and unique top with high waist pants and Jimmy Choo lace high heels.

Olivia looked stylish and fashionable. She kept her hair in a bun and opted for slightly heavy, accenting makeup. She accessorized with a stylish purse and looked great.

Another outfit with which Olivia impressed was a more casual one. It featured a shoulder-less oversized sweater and a  long, asymmetric leather skirt with cutoutsOlivia teamed the casual, but attractive outfit with fingerless leather gloves, a hat and stylish lace-up black leather booties.

The booties featured pointed toes and elegant, heels which weren’t overly high. Olivia kept her hair loose this time and opted for less makeup.

We also loved Olivia’s earlier look with a stylish little white dress and elegant high heels. She was definitely stunning this week.

The same can be said for Bella Hadid, too. The supermodel impressed us several times during the New York Fashion Week. And not only on the runway. For example, this look.

Bella is rocking a pair of black leather pants with unique booties with “broken” heels. She also rocks a turtleneck top and a heavy black leather coat with pink collars and sleeve ends.

Bella also impressed with an updated look, later in the week.

She again sports shorter hair, this time in curls. And she opted for a short striped dress and a pair of fully transparent high heels for an unique look once again.

Definitely one for the fashion history books.

And finally, Blake Lively. She came back from giving birth and showed off her new figure. And as this is Blake Lively, one of the most stylish and fashionable celebrities ever, she once again found a way to make you remember.

Blake rocked the simplest of outfits in the most memorable ways. She was out for the New York Fashion Week wearing a red patent leather coat, white shirt and high heels. That’s it. That’s the outfit.

The coat was a very elegant piece, well fitted to Blake’s figure. She looked stunning in it and knew how to handle it properly.

Ever the fan of Louboutin high heels, you can guess what was Blake’s footwear. Yes, elegant, white Louboutin high heels. They had little hearts on the toes and very thin and very high heels. Blake, though handled them with ease.

Blake rocked her hair long and loose as we are used to see her. She didn’t go crazy with the makeup and used only a dash of eyeliner and lip gloss.

Basically Blake left her outfit do the talking. And boy, did it talk. Simple, yet very elegant and memorable. So, if we had to pick an ultimate winner this week, it’s definitely Blake!

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