High heels could cure back pain

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High heels could cure back painPain in your lower back? Wear high heels. More and more doctors are saying that high heels could cure back pain. Is that really the case? It seems so.

Dr. Alfred Bonati of the Bonati Spine Institute in Tampa Bay is prescribing high heels to women with lower back pain, CBS2 reports. He even says that the higher the heel, the better.

This sounds exactly opposite to what we are used to hear about high heels. Mainly that they are bad for your feet if worn too often and not chosen properly. Although some doctors have recently said heels can be beneficial.

Dr. Bonati admits not everybody believe him. “When I tell them they should use high heels, they look at me like I’m crazy”, he says to CBS2. Still, his opinion is supported bu other doctors, too. Dr. Mark Weidenbaum for example says when you are wearing high heels, you are “in some ways” protecting your spine. Heels put you on your tip toes which stregthens your feet. It also moves the body weight away from your own heels.

When you walk wearing high heels you ease the impact on your own heels which is translated up your legs and spine. So, as a result, your lower back won’t hurt.

With that said, doctors are also pointing out that not all shoes will work. They must fit properly in order to provide arch support. You should also avoid shoes with narrow toe boxes. Try to ensure enough space for your toes. This will improve comfort and will avoid the risk of bunions.

It is best to spend some time and try the shoes on and figure out where each pair puts the pressure at. It will take some trial and error until you find the pairs that work best for you.

The end results could be worth it though. Anca Niculin for example says she had pain even when she standed on her feet in flat shoes. Her doctor recommended she starts wearing high heels. Anca admits this is the opposite of what most doctors say but she gave it a shot.

It turned out that high heels with a platform helped her out. Now all of her shoes have a heel. This helps her achieve better balance and posture and in the end there is no more lower back pain.

So there you have it. High heels could cure back pain. So you will not only look even better, but feel better and that is a win-win in our book.

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