High heels fail compilation: how not to be in one

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Walking in high heels can be quite the challenge. Heels can make you look both incredibly sexy and incredibly foolish. It’s all about how you walk in them. Here we have a high heels fail compilation that will show you what we mean.

Granted, some of the ladies in the video are a bit drunk or just misfortunate, but there are also a lot that have clearly either never worn high heels before or have major trouble handling their heels. See the high heels fail clips and continue reading.

What was the most common reaction to the ladies that can’t walk in heels? Laughter. So take your time and learn to walk in heels properly. We have just the articles for you and stay tuned as soon we will be posting part two in our tutorials.

When you walk good in heels you will look good. And the best part is you will not be featured in high heels fail videos but in ones like this one below. Noone is laughing here just daydreaming.


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