High heels rank amongst women’s most precious possesions

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High heels rank amongst women's most precious possesions

We know you love your high heels. But do you realize how much you love them? An insurance company survey show that high heels are amongst women’s most precious possesions.

The survey was conducted by UIA Insurance and 5000 people in the United Kingdom took part in it. They were asked one simple question: which items are your most treasured. The goal was to both see what people like and to see how things has changed for the 125 years after the last similar study.

So, 125 years ago Britons ranked sewing machines, china teapots and clocks as their most valuable possetions. Today, things are very, very different.

Today about 45 per cent of Britons are not willing to give up their daily shower. 37 per cent value the laptop and 29 per cent say their wedding ring is in their top five most cherished items.

Guess what, high heels also find a place in the top part of the chart which includes a total of 50 items. Participants in the study show quite a lot of love for high heels.

Most people are still pretty sentimental. A lot of the participants in the study say they keep love letters, teddy bears. But there are some weird answers too. For example some ladies say they love their hair straightener. They love it so much, they can’t live without it and see it as a most precious possesion.

There are some similarities with 125 years ago though. For example watches and wedding bands were cherished both then and now. Naturally there were some items that weren’t present back then. So now TVs, laptops, mobile phones and internet. The last one is a particular favorite of Britons who says it is more important than a flushing lavatory and a fifth say they would give up sex but not an internet connection.

Back in 1809 there weren’t internet, TVs and etc., so people had other interests. Lots of them loved bicycles and fountain pens for example. High heels sadly weren’t on the list back then either, but they have more than made up for it now, so don’t worry, love your high heels and be happy.

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