High heels tip replacement

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High heels tip replacementSooner or later every pair of high heels needs a little maintenance. In most cases the tips of the high heels get worn out and need to be replaced. Don’t worry. High heels tip replacement can be a very easy thing to do.

Generally high heels tip replacement is carried by a shoe specialist. But in quite a few cases you can do it yourself at home.

Of course first you would need a few things. Most of them are found easily in any house, so you will only need to get a pair of replacement tips.


High heels tip replacement… tips

First you need new tips. Some shoemakers actually include spare sets of tips. Sadly that’s not always the case.

So you may need to buy some extra tips. You can order them online, but it would be best to go to a store with your heels. The reason for that is heels have different shapes and thickness so you would need to be sure you will pick tips that will not ruin the look of your shoes.

Then comes the time for the actual high heels tip replacement procedure. It’s best not to wait until the tips are fully worn out as that will make changing them more difficult.

First put some masking tape around the heel not to damage it. Then grab a pair of pliers. Take the shoe firmly in one hand and grab the tip of the heel with the pliers. Start pulling it out while twisting left to right so to make it easier.

After you pull the tip out, take the new one and place it on the heel. Grab a hammer and give it a couple of hits to put the tip firmly in its new place. Then repeat the procedure with the other shoe.

Afterwards put your heels on and make a few steps with them in the house. You can do a few harder steps on the heels to make sure the tips are securely in place. Then you are done.

There are some ready made products like Quick Tips. They say to offer an easy way for high heels tip replacement. Use them if you see the need, but the classic way we described above will be more than enough.

If you do let the tips wore out too much, you will have some extra difficultu as the metal piece of the tip can stay in the hole of the heel. Then you will have to pulll a bit harder to take it off. Here’s a nice video we found that illustrates the procedure quite well.

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