High heels trends from Milan Fashion Week Spring|Summer 2015

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High heels trends from Milan Fashion Week 2015The Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 showed us a lot of what to expect for next year. Clothes will be bright, loose and with various fabrics. But what about the high heels? They will be interesting to say the least.

We’ve gathered some videos that give a pretty good idea of the high heels trends that dominated the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Let’s check them out with video.

High heels trends from Milan Fashion Week 2015

We begin with a video from the Veronique Branquinho show. The actual footage starts about 30 seconds in, so don’t panic, there’s nothing wrong with your screen.

Veronique has focused on thick heels and wedges with no platform on the toes. The shoes also feature thick straps that cover most of the ankle. Various colors and shiny elements to the shoes are also present in tone with the general trends in shoes for next year.

Next up – Gucci. They have gone for a more retro look with their Spring Summer 2015 collection. Their high heels though also follow the modern trend of chinky straight heels with no platform. Gucci have also played wth the straps a bit finding a double X-crossed combination that looks rather well.

Saint Laurent have also gone with a retro look. Their high heels are a bit more daring though. The heels are thick and high, but there is also a slight toe platform. The shiny gold and metallic colors, and even glitter, are a normal thing to see in their collection. Thin ankle straps are also present. Overall a pretty nice colletion from Saint Laurent.

Our next stop is Christian Dior and their collection that they presented during the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. In their typical style Christian Dior will cater mostly to the business women who want to look stylish.

Their collection has lots of variety and that includes the high heels also. Most of them go against the grain and feature classic thin heels, no platforms and classic colors. Some shoes will have a slightly curved heel for an extra daring look. Surprisingly booties are also part of the collection, but that’s not necessarily bad. Knitted boots are also an interesing choice.

John Richmond’s collection doesn’t lack variety, that’s for sure. Some of their outfits are a bit of love or hate, but they also have quite a few designs that will appeal to any taste.

The same goes for their shoes. You name it, they will have it. The main focus though will be chunky, but not too much, heels, low to no platforms and straps. Basically they will follow the trends set by most other designers during the Milan Fashion Week 2015 but with a bit more choice.

Do you like the high heels trends from Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015? What were your top favorites and what you didn’t like? Let us know in the comments below.

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