How are high heels made

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How are high heels made
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Shoe making is a craft. There’s no denying that. The process of making high heels is quite complex and interesting. We’ve found some videos that show how are high heels made and we’d like to share them with you.

Knowing how are high heels made will also help you out judging their quality better at the store. It will also give you some insight what shoes are better. For example some may have their high heels only glued to the sole which is not as ideal as them being nailed and glued in place.

How are high heels made videos

There are a few slightly different ways for making high heels. Some companies make their shoes entirely by hand while others also use machines to speed the process up. Generally the basics are the same. Of course different materials also require slightly different handling.

Naturally everything begins with designing the shoe. Then the needed materials are decided. Usually the main soles and heels are made out of wood. This is especially true for platforms and most wedges.

Some manufacturers though use hard plastic for their shoes because it is cheaper and easier to cast. A simple mold is needed to cast many platforms and soles out of plastic. If they are from wood, then somebody will have to carve and shape it. This takes more time but also generally can give a much more durable shoe.

Heels can also be plastic and if they are, they usually have a metal rod in them for extra strenght. Another possibility is an entire metal heel or a wooden one. In most cases then the heels are wrapped in extra fabric for better look.

A must is a plastic or a wooden artificial foot that it is used to shape the shoe and make it to the desired size. Also careful cutting of the various needed materials and layering them properly is vital.

Most of the final components like inner and outer soles usually are glued in place. Some manufacturers though also use stitching for better quality. This also rises the price of the shoe though.

If the shoe is wooden, usually the heel is either nailed or screwed in place and also glued. This makes it very strong so the chance of it breaking are slim. Plastic and/or cheaper shoes though rely only on glue for the heels which makes them easier to snap off right when you need them the most.

For extra durability some manufacturers also add metal plates in the shoe arch although that also depends on the type of shoe. For thicker platforms such a plate is not needed.

Still can’t find the high heels you always dreamed off? You can make them yourself. Well, some people do. Check out how this dude has made Lady Gaga’s heelless heels.

That’s high heels made up to the most personal tastes, right? We hope you liked the videos. If you have any questions about how are high heels made or just want to share your thoughts, do so in the comments below.

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