How boots are made

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How boots are made
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Boots are a very special type of footwear in the sence of the following they have. Many people around the world love boots and have big collections. We also quite like boots here so we decided to go into a little bit more detail. For example how boots are made?

As you can expect, boots are a bit complicated to make. The reason for that is they have a lot more components and factors that have to be taken into consideration.

Boots usually are made out of leather and other tougher materials that are a bit more difficult to work with. There’s also a lot more material that has to be cut and shaped in to a relatively complex form to be able to follow the leg and fit well.

There are also zippers, sometimes laces and other items are also an often seen elements on boots. But how boots are made? How all of these elements get together and turn into the lovely pieces of footwear? Lets see.

How boots are made videos

Often boot making involves the use of special machines. It makes the process easier and allows more boots to be made in a shorter time. That’s good because boot making is a complicated process as you can see in the video below.

It all starts with cutting the correct shapes. Then the fabric is prepared. Some boots feature additional padding or inner lining that has to be sewn to the leather before the rest of the process can continue.

After the shaft of the boot is ready, zippers are added. They can be glued or sewn in place. Afterwards everything is tested.

Usually the shaft is then placed on a foot mold and shaped into the desired shape using a machine. The leather is then nailed into the sole of the future shoe. The heel is also covered in leather and glued to the outer sole. The outer sole is then glued to the boot.

Some companies though still make their boots entirely by hand. This takes more time and effort. Therefore their boots are produced in lower quantities and are more expensive.

They though can allow themselves to create and use much more complex designs. The process is relatively the same.

And of course you can always customize your own boots. It may sound crazy or a way to ruin good boots. Well if you’re careful you can actually make the boots you always wanted. Check it out how boots are made without being a shoe maker:

So here we are – how boots are made. It’s an interesting process and makes you appreciate your favorite boots even more.

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