How boots should fit

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How boots should fitBoots are a great fashion statement. They can make you look like a million bucks… If worn and fitted right. How boots should fit on your legs is an often asked question.

The reason for that is there are quite a few types of boots. Some are almost skin tight, others are quite loose. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind when fitting your boots.

So, how boots should fit

Fitting boots can be a little bit of a challenge. You have to take into consideration a few things more than the usual when fitting high heels for example. Although some of the tips for that stand valid.

First up, there are three signs that will give you a good idea if your boots are fitted properly. For example your entire boot should feel snug except the high heel part. You should be able to slip in normaly as with any other high heeled shoe.

Keep in mind leather boots can be a little rough and ridgit at first. They will loosen up with time, so if you feel a little bit of discomfort, you should be fine in the long run. But, and this is an important “but”, if you are feeling pain, or your toes feel squished, then go for a bigger size.

The ball of your foot should be placed on the widest part of the sole of the boot. Comfortably. If it is too far in the toe box, go for a bigger size. If it’s shorter, then go for a smaller size as you may slip.

You should feel a nice snug fit on the instep or the part of the boot that goes above and over the arch (middle) of your foot.

The boot should also fit snugly around your ankle. In the same time it should not restrain the movement of your ankle. This is easy to check. Get your foot in the air and rotate it at the ankle. You should feel the boot nice and snug but not restraining your ankle. If that’s the case, then the fit is good.

Sometimes the shaft of the boot fits nice and snugly on the leg, but it is uncomfortable on the foot. Changing the size solves the problem but ruins the fit on the shaft. In this case you should think about wearing thicker socks. Keep in mind that even nylons or tights can add up to half a size to the foot.

If you’re in between sizes, always go for the bigger one.

Sheplers advises to order half a size smaller if your feet are narrow. If they are wider than normal, then order half a size bigger.

Sometimes one boot fits perfectly while the other one doesn’t. This means that your feet are different sizes. In this case go for a size that will be comfortable on the uncomfortable foot. While this will mean that the boot will be bigger on the other foot, you can solve this issue with an insole.

This is how boots should fit in the general terms. If you have questions, let us know in the comments below.

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