How can high heels help your career

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The right pair of shoes really can help a woman get a step ahead in her career says shoe expert Helen Persson. It need not be high heels, but they help too.

Helen Persson is the curator of the exhibition Shoes: Pleasure and Pain at the London Victoria and Albert Museum. She said in front of the DailyMail that smart shoes make people feel more confident. A good pair of shoes has a psychological effect of making a woman more confident and more willing to put herself forward and get noticed. She added the same is true of men.

“When you put shoes on you do feel different because the body reacts to them. It is a physical transformation, a physical experience. The way you act does change depending on what shoes you wear, it’s all in your head but, as a women, wearing flat ballerina pumps makes you naturally want to skip but then if you put on a pair of high heels your posture and how you project yourself does change and you do feel different. We all play different roles and stepping into shoes is like being an actor, it starts from the floor up, they do make you feel different and they are a very important part of how you project yourself”, Posser says and we couldn’t agree more.

Choosing the right shoe

So how to determine which shoes are right for you? First and foremost, they should be comfortable for you. You should feel good wearing them both physically and mentally. If you are not comfortable in high heels, skip them. It will be obvious you don’t feel good on them even if you think you can hide it.

Then the style. There are some jobs that are not for wearing high heels. For example a shopping assistant in a store other than one that sells high heels and suitable clothes. Also some offices may frown upon too provocative footwear such as killer heels. So do some research about the job.

Next up, match the style and looks. If your outfit is pristine, your shoes should be, too. If your shoes are perfect – shiny, clean, like new, your outfit must be the same.

Who to blame

Persson says that Victoria Beckham is one of the key figures in the dominance of high heels. “The people who are written about tend to be more experimental, people like Daphne Guinness, who really set examples of how far you can go and then becomes copies. Victoria Beckham is high-heeled on the more extreme end of the spectrum but is then being followed in a more toned down way. She has had a very interesting transformation but it is the whole look. It comes through with the message of being quite a serious but very stylish business woman. I would happily walk around in them. It’s restrained and very thoughtful, very tailored and very different to how she was, I think her transformation is quite admirable”, Persson adds.

She also says that the TV show Sex and the City also put designer high heels on the map and turned it into a hosehold thing. This also has shaped up the way people think about shoes. For example a businesswoman says to Persson that if someone comes to a job interview in the wrong shoes, she rules them out of a job immediately. She doesn’t say what the right shoes are for her though. She does say the job is for customer relations and for her shoes shows the candidate is making the right effort.

Persson says that there is no sure recipie. Each individual has a different look, different taste and feels different in different shoes. It’s not only about what makes you feel sexy and attractive, but also also confident, powerful. So, yes, high heels can help your carrer. If they make you feel confident and motivated. If other shoes achieve this better than heels, then opt for them.

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