How designers try to make high heels more comfortable

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How designers try to make high heels more comfortable

High heels are not always comfortable. This is a problem that many shoe designers try to tackle. Some are more successfull than others. Here’s what they do.

Currently there is a new wave of companies that are trying to find a solution. Tanya Heath for example is making shoes with interchangable high heels. Other companeis are relying on the help of rocket scientists.

How are big and established companies and designers tackling the challenge? According to The Wall Street Journal, there are four ways designers try to make high heels more comfortable.

The first one is quite obvious – fitting. Making high heels is not only about drawing them on paper and then start producing them. There are several prototypes made each of them with slight changes. Aquazzura’s president Edgardo Osorio says his company pays attention to every tiny detail. Even where the straps fall on the foot. Paul Andrew also does several test fits to be sure his shoes are as comfortable as possible.

The second step is to find the best balance in the shoe. The shoe has to be relatively evenly weighted and to help the foot to distribute the body weight between the ball of the foot and the heel as evenly as possible. This measn the angle of the pitch and the shape are very important. The shoes also have to be flexible but durable.

Third – quality materials. If you wear high heels made out of rough fabrics your feet will make you pay for that. This is why it is very important to use soft fabrics, quality leather and suede. Andrew’s heels for example feature a thin hollow platform that is filled with padding to make it even more comfortable. Natalia Barbieri from Bionda Castana adds she uses durable but light materials for the heels, which raises costs but also raises comfort.

The fourth way is to just develop new technologies. For example Andrew is working on ways to make the insoles lighter. He thinks he’s found companies that can completely change the way people wear and make shoes, but stays mum on details for now. Osorio on the other hand says his company is working on a new way to pad the insole of the shoe and change the foam used currently with something even more comfortable.

So while it still may be a tiny bit early, it seem that soon we will have much more comfortable high heels. We already can’t wait.

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