How high heels affect women’s psychology

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How high heels affect women's psychology

No matter what doctor’s and “experts” say, women will always love high heels. But why is that? Juis because they are sexy? There might be a lot more to it.

At least that’s what some psychologists think. Now we all know high heels are all about the visual. They make your entire body look taller, slimmer and more sexy when it curves while you walk. They make your legs even more slender and feminine.

In 2007 Consumer Report National Research Center polled 1,057 women and found that women on average own 19 pairs of shoes. Although, they wore only four pairs regularly while fifteen percent have over 30 pairs of shoes. Forty three percent of women said they were moderately injured by shoes and eight percent reported serious injuries from sprains or breaks.

Some researches claim that a woman is usually seen as more attractive when her legs are abou 5% longer than her torso. It all happens on a subconsious level without us realizing we are more attracted to that.

High heels raise the buttocks by about 30 – 40 degrees and make it smaller. It also pops out a bit. Overall heels make a woman look younger and healthy which are all subconcious triggers for male attention which in turn makes a woman feel interesting, desired and beautiful.

Heels also raise you up a few centimeters making you taller. This helps shorter ladies feel more comfortable and taller ladies even more imposing. Plus they have an added benefit for success.

Then there’s the intimate part. Heels make you feel beautiful, sexy and desired. This puts you in a better mindset when the time comes for fooling around with your loved one. There’s even a study by a woman urologist who apparently found that the wearing of high heels strengthens a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, leading to improved sex. Christian Louboutin on the other hand thinks that heels put women’s feet in an “orgasmic position” meaning more pleasure for the wearer and thus for their partner, too as who doesn’t love to see their loved one is pleased.

So you can see that no matter what women think when they wear high heels, even when they hate them, they won’t be stopping anytime soon. Maybe it’s because of what men think. Either way, the solution is to develop new, comfortable and safe high heels and quite a few companies are already working on that.

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