How to add grip to high heels

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How to add grip to high heels
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High heels can be very slippery not only on snow and ice but on normal surfaces too. Happily there are ways to add grip to high heels and walk comfortably and much more safely.

There are a few options to add grip to high heels. Some of them are completly DIY and others include some extra help. The can all work with varying results so you will have to do some trial and error and find out what works best for you and the particular pair of high heels.

Here’s how to add grip to high heels

First we begin with the household recipes. If the slippery pair of high heels uses plastic or rubbery-types of soles, you can try and use a bit of sand paper to grind the sole and add some scratches to it. Usually this can give you that little bit extra grip you so need. This method won’t do you much good if the sole is leather like on some designer heels like Christian Louboutin for example.

Some say that you can cut a piece of sand paper and glue it to the sole instead of scratching it with it. It is best to go for wet sandpaper as the regular one will desintegrate when you come across the first puddle. Another possibility is duct tape, but we admit we haven’t tried that one…

Another option is to cut a piece of very thin real rubber and glue it to the sole. This would again have varying results. For slippery floors like polished wood, granite and so on, the rubber will do great. It may even work nicely on rougher ice. But if it is very wet or the ice is as smooth as glass, you may have some reall issues.

Another DIY trick says you can spray the soles with hair spray. This will make them more sticky. The downside is the effect will be temporary.

There are also a few professional items that might help. One is Grip Tight Anti-Slip soles. You simply stick them on the sole and you’re good to go. There are also Safe Step Sole Pads and quite a few other similar products. Usually they are a dollar or two for a pair and can work quite good.

If all else fails but you really, really want to be able to wear the particular pair of high heels, then go to a cobbler. Ask them for their options to add grip to high heels. They might be able to change the sole or add some extra material to it to make it grip surfaces much better.

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