How to avoid a fashion disaster on a first date

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How to avoid a fashion disaster on a first date
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Ah, the first date. Always a very special and nerve racking event when everyone wants to be at their best. For women, a fashion disaster is a big fear.

What if he doesn’t like me? What if he thinks my clothes are stupid? What if I trip because of that long skirt or those sky high heels? What should I pick? – Those are just a small part of all of the questions that go through the head of a woman before a first date. And in all of this stress it is easy to overlook the obvious and set yourself up for a fashion disaster.

Happily there is a very simple way to avoid a fashion disaster on a first date. Just follow a few simple steps.

First, and most important, do your homework. In order to agree for that first date, you have spent some time evaluating the guy and building up a nice idea of what he likes, dislikes. Of course, you say, I know that he would love me in a pair of heels and a stylish skirt for example. Great, but your homework is not done.

Ask him a couple of questions about his plans for the date. Where you would be going? If he insists that it is a surprise, ask him for the setting at least so that you know what attire would be suitable. He will gladly tell you.

Now you can put your knowledge about his preferences to work in combination with the information you have about the date. But before you go all-out, stop. Don’t try too hard. It is just a first date after all. Pick an outfit that you love and feel comfortable and confident in. Then customize it a little to suit your date’s preferences. Bottom line is, look for a balance between your own personal taste and style and what you know he would like.

If you hate heels for example but wear a killer pair just for him, it would be painfully obvious you’re not in your waters and are not comfortable. Chances are he could think you didn’t like him even though you did like so much you put on these painful shoes for him. Instead opt for kitten heels or oxfords and be much more comfortable and show him that you like him with words and actions. Find the fine balance and go with it. Then you would be good to go.

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